Lubbock • November 6-8, 2018


2017 Education & Sessions

Subject to Change

Monday, Nov. 6
3-4:15 p.m.

Presented by Traci Brown

People are hiding things from's only confidential unless you have been to this program. Discover strategic body language in plain view and hear "Yes!" more aeasily and more often during networking events and negotiations. You will discover how to read body language and discover the hidden message in every handshake, as well as how to apply this to negotations in the meetings world between partners.

Tuesday, Nov. 7
8-9:30 a.m. | General Session

Presented by Hugh Forrest

SXSW Interactive Festival has evolved as one of the world’s largest gatherings of digital creatives, bringing 30,000 tech professionals from around the world to Austin each spring. But the growth of an event can sometimes distract from its true purpose. In this presentation, Hugh Forrest explains how the key to SXSW Interactive (or any other successful conference) is creating an ecosystem that encourages meaningful one-on-one connections.

1:45-2:45 p.m. | Round Robin Education 1

Presented by Cheryl Payne

In this high impact and interactive workshop, attendees will learn about industry trends that impact negotiations, variables that influence hotel availability, pricing and contract terms; methods to maximize meeting value and risk mitigation via a custom hotel contract process. We will discuss best practices and learn how we can better work together in 2017.

Presented by Brandt Krueger

How many times have you run into a problem at your event that, in retrospect, could have easily been avoided, if only someone had realized it was possible? While we're focused on making our events the best, how do we discover what might go wrong? The answer is premortem brainstorming.

Presented by Gary Hernbroth

The best negotiators understand the other side. Explore what's "behind the curtain" of hotels and what factors they consider when bidding and negotiating group RFPs/contracts. Gain insider insights on which components hotels factor into their bids and negotiations with groups while understanding which factors count for more and why. Leave knowing where the wiggle room could be and how you can achieve this.

3-4 p.m. | Round Robin Education 2 (Descriptions Above)
Wednesday, Nov. 8
9-10 a.m. | Closing Session

Presented by Gary Hernbroth

Lend your own expertise and learn from other peers and industry professionals from both sides of the aisle on the hot issues facing our industry today: RFPs, communication, site visits—it's all in play. With the help of your colleagues, you will tackle many of the issues facing buyers and sellers with tangible takeaways, and learn which issues drive the other side crazy and how to bridge the gap.

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